What is a farm?

A Farm needs:

Good clean land, healthy soil,
animals to walk among it’s grounds.
Some one to steward the land.
If it’s a moderate sized farm an accountant,
a marketer, a tour guide or educator.
Good source of water.
beneficial insects.
Sunshine, rain.
A truck or two
A home for the farmer.
A home for the animals when it
gets hot or cold.
Good location.
little to no air pollution

A farm really needs a community that is
willing to support it.
A community that is willing to pay 25-33% more
for it’s food ( a fair wage).

A farm needs love on all levels.
What can a farm give you?
It can give you health, nature, understanding,
a living, a purpose. It can help us cut down on
our health insurance. It can help us live so much
longer. It can give us a sense of community.
Community dinner under the stars, a long table.
It can make us feel connected to something
that has true meaning. It can help us build and
keep relationships. A farm is where it is at.

I hope you see the value in food and especially in
our farmers, they are the backbone of this country
and any country to be truthful.

If we want to fix any challenge we must understand
first and foremost and then lead the way forward.
Farms hold secrets sometimes secrets to health
that science is yet to fully measure or understand.

I look forward to helping you see how amazing our
lives can be when we slow down and get to know
the goodness in the world. Healthy soil is one
of our greatest friends as it helps us to be sharp, healthy,
happy and nourished for decades.

Do you know your farmer or have some form
of relationship with where your food comes from.

Here’s to knowing our friends, I hope one of them is
your farmer.



Regenerative small farms can feed the world

The industrial farming model also fails to address the relationship between food production and human nutrition. Driven to seek the highest possible immediate financial returns, farmers and agricultural companies are increasingly moving toward monocultures of low-nutrition crops such as corn—the dominant US crop—that are often processed into empty-calorie “food products.” As a result, from 1990 to 2010, growth in unhealthy eating patterns outpaced dietary improvements in most parts of the world, including the poorer regions. Most of the key causes of non-communicable diseases are now diet-related, and by 2020, such diseases are predicted to account for nearly 75 percent of all deaths worldwide.







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With a new learning center we can turn this around!

One in two people in the US right now are dealing with some type
of illness ( depression, Cancer, ADD, Heart disease, diabetes
etc.) If you are interested in Science, agriculture, food, marketing,
teaching, IT then we need you right now.

I’m working on getting to the Main Ted talk this year in
Vancouver British Columbia, Ca.. I’m working on getting
there because the biggest problem we are facing in the
US and around the globe is our food system.
Our food system is broken and so are our communities
(remember 1 in2 have an illness). By 2040 we will out spend our Gross
national income treating chronic disease and other illnesses.
I plan on talking about how our food system is
connected to almost every problem either directly
or indirectly. I have three talking points in regards to
our food system and they are: Poverty, regenerative food and chronic illness.

We don’t have enough doctors and most doctors
aren’t educated enough to help people recover their health.
Humility has it’s place but confidence and understanding
need to come to the front to lead us to a healthier country.
So we need each and everyone of you ( citizens) to
learn as much as you can about the human Microbiome,
healthy eating, exercise, gardening. It would be wise to get to know your
local farmer. Reach out to me if you would like to
learn more.

Best solution:

I’m working on creating a large food and cultural learning center
in Colorado to teach the US and humanity the value of
food. We will grow regenerative food on hundreds of
acres of land. You might say this is our greatest mission right now
and soon you will be able to listen to a podcast I was on
in regards to this matter ( as soon as the editing of the
audio is finished for me to share).

If you don’t think we have a problem look around.
I in 2.5 people will get cancer in their life time. One in six children
are either pre-diabetic or have diabetes. Seven hundred
thousand people in the US this year will die from
heart disease and several million more will have some
heart related issue ( that can be avoided). One in forty children
over the age of three has  Autism Spectrum disorder, it’s rising fast.
Also 40% of people in the US ( Children and adults)
are obese. Autism will cost us over a trillion dollars
by 2030. We have a lot of work to do and if you like
to teach than in many ways it will be fun and quite
adventurous, if you let it be. It has been a fun
but challenging journey to say the least.

Who I am: I’m a Food, Health and goodness educator.
Why am I spending time doing this, because it’s the
right thing to do and someone needs to efficiently
shift this before it gets even more out of control. Also

I love to talk about healthy food and good people.

Our greatest potential to recover our broken food system
and people rely in our ability to reach millions of people in
the next 3- 5 years. We are only as strong as our weakest link.

Our food system is the weakest link and showing people the
true value in food is the solution. This is the mission I was given
years ago and I plan following this mission through to the end.
I hope you will help us in some way. If I ask for your help please
reach out to me and communicate with me. I have
been studying this problem for longer than most doctors or PHD’s
have studied in College. I’m serious about this matter. I hope you
are too after reading this.

If you want to learn more reach out to me or we can even
meet in person to discuss this matter.

“I am because we are.”

With great honor,


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