A night of Art, health and Inspiration..

So I had the privilege to attend a training with one of the product lines we carry at the Heath Food Store I work at. The Company is Garden of life- the Founder Jordan Roubin Had Crohns Disease, it almost took his life! He healed from it and decided to start a company to help educate people on how the body can heal given the right foods and Nutrients.

I arrived in Beautiful Downtown Denver to make my way to the Denver art Museum ,where the Garden Of Life Training would take place! We arrived and several Men where dressed in suites and they all had ear pieces on! The men came up to us and said come on in. One gentleman was most likely head of the other 5 gentlemen ,they said the training will be over in that large room, we could see what looked like 30 tables, with silverware and cloth napkins and the ceiling must of been 50-60 feet tall.

We were greeted by two Garden of life Representatives! They said Hi, and told us how thankful they were that we came for the Training! One Gentleman mentioned that they have Three floors above us, each floor has several different kinds of Native american art, clothing and cultural stories and other attire! The Gentleman then mentioned that the whole native american exhibit is closed for only us to see, we all looked at each other and smiled.

We efficiently walked over to the Elevator and took it to the second floor, we got off- this floor must of been 6,000 square ft. You could see all kinds of multicolored clothing, that was anywhere from 50 years to 400 plus years old. I was speechless for sometime! I walked around a corner and on the wall was a phrase or poem, if you like! This
Writing on the wall read something like this.

” I am half Indian- half Mexican
Half Smart- half ignorant
Half drunk- half sober
Half here- half almost dead
Half negative- half positive
I am Half hope- half despair

Life has been very hard- but many
times so easy and Beautiful

I am now a  whole person,
It took me 41 years to find myself

Please don’t let it take this long
for the children to find out who they
are and how great life is…….”

I was so moved by this writing- this is not exactly
what it said. But I believe it is close to what I remembered
reading. For some reason I didn’t feel I need to write it

Later I realized that  in many Native cultures, the
elders would share information ( important) and they
would share it orally. The person had to remember it
with ones heart.

Maybe I did this so I could remember it with my heart!
We then walked all over, it was truly inspiring to see this
art and Clothing, Bows, and many other things.
We got to the next room and it was the Pacific North
West Native american Tribes, they are very unique to me,
As I have always been mesmerized by the Beautiful
Totem poles that tell a story in some way.

The first Totem pool we came to was larger than life,
it must of been 60 feet tall and 15 feet in Circumference.
This Totem had a person hanging upside down, and a Giant Hawk
or bird like creature  holding on to him! The place to
me was like walking back into history!

The training was fantastic Jordan Roubin the founder-
talked about new products and stories of people having
life threatening illnesses and making it through many
times from  using Garden of life Products, and deciding
to feed their bodies living healthy food..

Jordan moved on to talking about the Ranch and farm he
Bought in Southern Missouri ( 8000 acres) and how he
monitors the weather, and sometimes praying for rain,
sometimes sun! How he is working on building the soil
so it can give birth to some of the healthiest Vegetables
and food in the US. He talked about how they are
Building a large Orphanage for kids. I was thinking to
myself what a great place and way to teach kids
responsibility and life, by growing their own food!

Jordan talked about all the New products coming out
and how he believed that many people that come into
our stores are many times very ill, and how we give than
something many times their doctors can’t, and that is
hope, he said we give this to them by educating them
on the power the body and the way it heals, when given
healthy food, and raw supplements!

He ended by taking questions from many of us in the
crowd! After all the questions were answered he told us
one of the main goals of the farm was to build a retreat
center for those to go to heal, to connect with the
land! Jordan mentioned  this retreat center will be free to any
body as long as they had the room for them.

Near his final words, in the next year or so
he told us that we can come out and spend a few days
on the farm.

I was filled with such joy and inspiration upon leaving
to head home. It was a wonderful night, we all
were  surrounded by people who believed in Health
and helping others…

Robert Kyes-

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