A Poem of Life

The Dance of Life

The birds and the bees, butterflies, and bats flying around the trees, this dance is so beautiful if you slow down to see, they give us life to be anything we want to be.

Hummingbirds wings move at 200 mph! Oh what a display of such controlled power, people have been known to watch them for hours.

Butterflies have so many beautiful colors they are easy on the eyes, they pollinate so much matter. They fly with so much grace sometimes they like to touch our face.

The bees busing with their vibrating tone they take this sweet nectar of life from flowers and take it home to the hive in hopes that we may all thrive and survive. We will learn to protect them once we realize and see life through their eyes. Their honey is so sweet they provide so much for our lives, we need to no longer be afraid of them. They pass us by on their journey to bring back life. Bees are proof of the many possibilities of life.

Bats they pollinate flowers at night, if you ever get a chance to see this you just might loose your fear of these animals that seem to reappear when night is coming near.

So put down your phone and come out of your home,take this walk in nature with me and you will see that we are not alone. Life becomes more when you look at these captivating creatures with their wings flying to create life for you and me, for the flowers and trees life is so connected when you take  this journey with me and see the beauty of life. Don’t you know we are all meant to be free…..


Robert Kyes



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