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Why Did I decide to write a blog about food, and our environment? My connection is very personal, you see I was poisoned by our environment! I was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning! It almost destroyed my body! I healed by using Organic food and supplements!  The Organic food and supplements were used to help Chelate heavy metal out of my body!

My connection to food saved my weak body, and restored it to great health!  You might say I am now thriving, thanks to the great potential of clean food.

I would like to say that we have so many issues we are facing on earth! We have never seen the magnitude of these  food related issues, as we are having to deal with today?  I started this blog to help connect one person at a time, a connection to food, community and environment!

It seems this is a time of Steep profits, but shallow relationships.  We can solve most of the problems we are facing today, world hunger, polluting our rivers, streams, oceans, helping people heal. We can become  aware of where our food comes from, and what practices the farmer is using.  In a time where we have become so disconnected about how our food is grown and how it truly affects us all! I hope to bring some form of connection to the true importance of food!

I hope you join me on this adventurous journey, a journey of understanding , smiles, empowerment, Stewardship, integrity, and the ability to see how we have done things in the past, and how we can change them for ourselves and the children.   Will you join me on this great journey of rediscovering an new old way of looking at food again.       -Peace to all-

“Let they food be they medicine, and they medicine be they food”

– Hippocrates-    ( Written over 2000 years ago)

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