Why buy Organic produce

Clean Earth

Approximately 40 percent of all chemical fertilizers used eventually break down into ammonia and are released into the atmosphere.[2] Researchers from the Department of Economics at the University of Essex put the annual cost of environmental damage caused by industrial farming in the United States at $34.7 billion. [3]

The average U.S. farm uses 3 kcal of fossil energy in producing 1 kcal of food energy (in feedlot beef production, this ratio is 35:1), and does not include the energy used to process and transport the food.[4]


In 1996, the U.S. government spent $68.7 billion on agricultural subsidies, translating into $259 per consumer and even more per taxpayer. [5] These subsidies serve to artificially drive down the price of food and are distributed, almost entirely, to large commodity producers.  The result is an international food economy that puts severe economic pressure on small scale farmers producing for local markets.  By supporting local producers, your dollars remain in the local food economy and work to build opportunities for farmers in your community, and ultimately your access to better food!

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