Cliff Bar, not just any company…..

I do not endorse products. I do, however endorse beliefs and actions. A funny-sounding first sentence, one might think, but to me, this is core to who I am, and where I place the highest value.

I was raised to believe that a person’s word is their bond.
For me, this means that words must always be connected with actions. If the words are hollow, then so is the value of the person saying them.

Clif Bar Inc. has only ‘X’ amount of value per unit price and as a company. But the commitment Gary has to protecting people, planet, and profit together as his ‘triple bottom line’ is priceless. It is these beliefs and value systems in action that inspire me.

We get misled into believing that economics is more important than anything else-that it is acceptable for people and the planet to be the ones to pay the high price for profit.

Yet if we look at the words economics and ecologics, we see they share the same root word ecos, which means ‘house’ or ‘home’. Economics in its purest translation means, ‘to take care of or steward one’s home. ‘Our home is so much more than just a house. It is all life, interconnected and interdependent. We need to do a much better job of taking care of each other, our planet, and our children’s future.

It is this deep-felt understanding that compelled me to live in a thousand year-old redwood for more than two years in order to protect it and to call attention to the plight of our world’s forests. I chose to sit in a tree as a commitment to a world that is healthy, just, and sustainable for all Isn’t it interesting to realize that an economy that will last for the long term must also invest in these same values.”

– Julia Butterfly Hill

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