Food How important is it to You????

I’m starting with the Question do you know where your food comes from? How it is grown, who is growing it?

The reason I decided to start this Blog is a way of  connecting  people to their food, a Path to food if you will.  I believe that never in our history has it become so important to know about our Food system.  You see 65 plus years ago most people knew who their farmer was, what kind of  farming practices he or she  used ( chemical or non chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides etc.) what kinds of crops the farmer  grew and when he or she harvested certain crops, so that person knew of  a good time to buy or be ready to purchase fruits, vegetables, etc., but Now with Natural, organic, non- organic ( conventional food, as its called) food, many people are very confused, and i would like to make the knowledge and understanding of our food fun and a enjoyable learning experience, because we all know that food can be fun, fun to cook, prepare and eat, when done right of coarse.

What is food, the Merriam-webster definition states that food is: Material usually of Plant origin, contains or consists of essential body nutrients, such as Carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and is assimilated by an organism to repair, stimulate growth, and maintain life. Many are finding that the food we are growing on most farms ( especially factory/ industrial farms) does not help maintain life, in many ways is working against life, human and the earths in general. I would like to show you why our food is so important for our economy, our health, and the health of the environment we call “Earth”. In the  next blog i wil start to show why our food system is so important, in ways most have never thought of, or been aware of! So lets start this Path 2 food together. Peace and until next time, my fellow friends…


Written by:  Bob Kyes



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