A new vision for a brighter tomorrow

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Today in America we are dealing with different diseases like cancer, diabetes, autism,

alzheimers to name just four. Did you know that these four diseases together cost the US

over one Trillion dollars a year according to many sources and associations who track the

economical impact of these diseases. We have fast food but slow digestion.

To learn to value food first we need to understand it’s potential to help us.

The question is who will teach us a better way to eat, to heal, to move forward in

life?  Many people talk about this problem and say we need to take responsibility but

who will teach us this. In a world that is moved and motivated by profits what organization

will make such a large difference that we will solve most of our food and health problems?

We need to repair and regenerate our soils just like we need to regenerate our human

bodies. We need to be proactive. We are looking to understand the story food has for us.


With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Thousands of people from the farmers to

doctors are making a wonderful difference. Many of these doctors are practicing holistic

and science based medicine to help us heal, but there aren’t enough doctors

to reach all the sick people in the US. Who will bring us the right information to help us heal?


So I’ve been studying and researching our food system and how it’s connected to pretty much

every problem in the world, either directly or indirectly. I have a vision, this vision

is to bring a cultural food learning center to the US and humanity.


This vision has fruit trees and food being grown year round in greenhouses and on land

outside when weather permits it. We plan on teaching people about soil, regenerative food.

We plan on using food to help eradicate poverty ( at the very least greatly diminishing it).

This vision is about building lasting relationships and showing community organizers how

to regenerate their communities using food as their foundation. We plan on having a

conference center on the property to teach people how their consumer practices can

and have changed the world. We plan on teaching fermentation and cooking and

gardening. We will also bring in the brightest minds to talk about childhood trauma

and how to recover our true authentic selves. We plan on helping humanity tackle

very difficult problems. The goal is to help create a true connected community once again.


This vision will take the wisdom of the elders and the young people’s energy.

There’s much much more to this vision but for now we will end where we started.

The solution: food is the best medicine and let our medicine be our food.


There’s a Cherokee Saying:  Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I my not remember,

Involve me and I’ll understand.”


Build a center and you can include humanity in the hopes that they’ll understand.

When we find ourselves is when we lose ourselves in the service of others.


With great honor,



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