Preserving land for wild things has been the focus of Dan O’Brien’s life. Bringing buffalo back to their native homeland on the Great Plains has been at the center of his preservation efforts. In 1997, to help keep his small ranch going and to offer an alternative to the industrialized food system, he started a meat company called Wild Idea Buffalo. The idea was simple: supply delicious, healthy, 100% grass-fed meat to consumers interested in sustainability. The wild idea continues today because of Americans like you who care about the food you eat and the world we share.


Grassland restoration is at the core of the Wild Idea Buffalo Ranch. Our land and animal management practices are as close to nature’s intentions as possible. By caring for the land and giving the buffalo room to roam, the prairie is nurtured back to health. Grasses, forbs, and flowers flourish, providing a sustainable eco-system for all creatures great and small. Dan’s vision of large sweeping landscapes with roaming buffalo herds continues to grow and Wild Idea Buffalo Company is now affiliated with other like minded ranchers, including Native American ranchers and Nature Conservancy herds, positively impacting over 150,000 acres of grasslands.

The Wild Idea Ranches are located in South Dakota between the beautiful Black Hills and the Badlands National Park. Our 28,000 acre Cheyenne River Ranch winds along the Cheyenne River and borders the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and Pine Ridge Reservation. The 32,000 acre Conata Basin Ranch sits on the edge of the Conata Basin, with beautiful vistas of the Badlands National Park.

Some people say we live in the middle of nowhere, we say, “like nowhere on earth”. We invite you to the ranch to see the revitalized bison herds. Call or email for information on tours.


Wild Idea Buffalo changing the world one Buffalo at a time!  Thank you for taking care of the land and the Buffalo Dan O’Brien…


Robert Kyes

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