Restaurant with a Purpose

Potager Restaurant opened its doors in 1997, started by Teri Rippeto and her father, Tom. From the beginning Teri and Tom have tried to do things the right way. The menu changes each month, designed and composed to show off the finest ingredients available, including fish, meat, and poultry.

Teri and Potager have become convinced that the best tasting food is organically grown and harvested in ways that ecologically sound and by people who are taking care of the land for future generations. The search for these ingredients has largely determined the cuisine.

Potager encourages diners to partake in the immediacy and excitement of vegetables just from the ground, fruit right off the branch, and fish straight out of the sea. In doing so, we’ve stitched together a network of suppliers that we know personally and whose concerns are similar to our own.

We see the meal as the center of human existence-at the table we are nourished, put in touch with the source of life, and reconnected to traditions. A good kitchen respects its sources and chooses ingredients that are sound, seasonal, and local whenever possible.

Good service at the table respects the kitchen-linking it to diners, coordinating choices of food and wine and maintaining comfort and relaxation necessary for an enjoyable meal.

We see farmers, cooks and table service as an unbroken sequence, such as food, wine, accommodation and nourishment.

Remaining aware of the garden and the farm while at the table, we cannot ignore threats to either end of the sequence.

It is very simple; we gather our materials from known and trusted purveyors.  We buy healthful products as pure and natural as possible, without the unnecessary complexities of packaging and marketing.

We seek farmers who know their seeds and soil, ranchers who care about their animals, fish merchants who are concerned about the seas-to them we add kitchen and wait staff who care about the materials of their work, knowing that they’ll take pride in the techniques and expertise they add
I  personally had the pleasure of eating there, and it was the best meal I have had in Colorado, in over a year.  The staff was wonderful, and the atmosphere was warm and very inviting, if you get a chance to set outside in back to eat, take it…
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