The secret life of our wonderful bees

We lost over 80,000 colonies of bees to the last
almond pollination season!!! Here are the numbers of how
many bees are in a colony!!! Scary stuff!! What you decide to
buy has the potential to change the coarse of humanity….

Although they are the smallest, worker bees are the mightiest bees in the colony. They are all girls! In a colony there could be as many as 50,000 to 60,000 bees! Worker bees pretty much work themselves to death. In the beginning of their lives they are nurse bees, then they graduate to field and scout bees. They also protect the hive and make comb. They are very busy, and live only about a month or less. In the winter, they can live longer.

Bee Facts:

Bees can flap their wings as fast as 11,000 times per second.

They flap their wings to do a lot of things, but one reason is to heat and cool the hive at all times. The worker bees keep the hive at a steady temperature all year round with their wing flaps. They would like it to be 92-93 degrees — which is pretty warm.

Honey bees fly in a radius of about 3-5 miles from their homes to forage for flowers and food.

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