What is a farm?

A Farm needs:

Good clean land, healthy soil,
animals to walk among it’s grounds.
Some one to steward the land.
If it’s a moderate sized farm an accountant,
a marketer, a tour guide or educator.
Good source of water.
beneficial insects.
Sunshine, rain.
A truck or two
A home for the farmer.
A home for the animals when it
gets hot or cold.
Good location.
little to no air pollution

A farm really needs a community that is
willing to support it.
A community that is willing to pay 25-33% more
for it’s food ( a fair wage).

A farm needs love on all levels.
What can a farm give you?
It can give you health, nature, understanding,
a living, a purpose. It can help us cut down on
our health insurance. It can help us live so much
longer. It can give us a sense of community.
Community dinner under the stars, a long table.
It can make us feel connected to something
that has true meaning. It can help us build and
keep relationships. A farm is where it is at.

I hope you see the value in food and especially in
our farmers, they are the backbone of this country
and any country to be truthful.

If we want to fix any challenge we must understand
first and foremost and then lead the way forward.
Farms hold secrets sometimes secrets to health
that science is yet to fully measure or understand.

I look forward to helping you see how amazing our
lives can be when we slow down and get to know
the goodness in the world. Healthy soil is one
of our greatest friends as it helps us to be sharp, healthy,
happy and nourished for decades.

Do you know your farmer or have some form
of relationship with where your food comes from.

Here’s to knowing our friends, I hope one of them is
your farmer.



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